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This is a business networking group to support those interested in learning about real estate and other related businesses and establishing strong business referrals by introduction to FIRE UP CONNECT Business Networking utilizing what FIRE UP CONNECT entails towards strong business connections. We will collaborate with dozens of small businesses throughout the county—businesses committed to providing educational information with how to deliver excellent customer service, build reputation, personal branding, marketing strategies, business principles and unique positioning.  The creating of educational and networking experience through the convenience of learning the FIRE UP CONNECT networking process from basic business presentation to a strong business transaction and receiving solid referrals. Learning basic tips from experts and professionals of different industries.  Learning and practicing how to ask questions and give a quick answer about your business.   Focus on Personal Branding using video production, photography and social media campaign.

The Objective

F.I.R.E. U.P. program is intended for Business Professionals who have an interest in gaining or enhancing knowledge in fundamental subjects of Real Estate, Financial Planning, Home Inspection, Marketing Strategies, Strong Communication Skills, Personal Branding, Business Principles, Community Development, Social Media and many other business topics. Participants develop a strong foundation of business connections and testimonials while strengthening their knowledge on other types of businesses.

  • Goal #1 F-undamental: Learn and build the fundamentals of the business services and products
  • Goal #2 I-ntroduction: Establish an effective Introduction to FIRE UP CONNECT Business Networking Process
  • Goal #3 R-elationship: Build strong business relationships, business connections and alliances to help succeed
  • Goal #4 E-xpertise: Provide Educational Presentation to members from experts and community leaders
  • Goal #5 U-nderstanding: Gain great understanding of the group’s business and individuals to can create powerful client video testimonial and social media presence
  • Goal #6 P-rojects: Work together on related business projects and establish powerful collaboration among members

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There is a $195 sign-up and annual membership fee in addition to the monthly dues.

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Marie Waite

Marie Waite

Finest Women In Real Estate CEO and Founder of the Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group

Marie Waite is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. She is an expert in practical and effective marketing for self-employed professionals and business owners, and uses her expertise and unique programs to help specially selected real estate agents stand out as the Finest Women in Real Estate.